Frequently Asked Questions from our students

How soon should my friendship family contact me after signing up?

  • You should be contacted by your friendship family or someone on our TFN planning committee no later than September 1st for the fall semester and January 15th for the spring semester. If you have not been contacted, please click here.

Can I still have a friendship family if my English is poor?

  • Yes! You will be able to practice your English with native English speakers and learn more about the English language. This is the perfect opportunity to improve your language skills while in America. Your family does not expect your English to be perfect.

Can I be paired with a friend if I am nervous about going alone with a friendship family?

  • Yes, on the sign up sheet there is an opportunity to check "go alone" or write the name of a friend you want go with.

What if I really want to experience a specific thing when I am in the US (example: go to a baseball game or try a Kansas steak)

  • Please let your family know these things and if they are not able to do them with you they may be able to connect you to someone else who can while you are here.

What if I encounter problems with my friendship family?

  • The TFN planning committee wants to hear from you and help you. Please click here to contact someone on our TFN committee.