Stories from our Friendship Families

God’s heart is for all nations, and the Topeka Friends Network has provided my entire family with the opportunity to experience cultural relationships right here in our own community. We have enjoyed spending time with our students by sharing meals, going to the park with our kids, shopping, going to school events, and just spending time with them. And TFN makes these partnerships so easy! They have been a true blessing to our family
— Rick & Randi
We love having TFN students because we get to hear their stories and learn about their culture. We enjoy being available if they need something and we can help them. We celebrate their birthdays and try to make them feel special while they are away from their families. We also have a lot of fun teaching and playing games. We have loved the opportunity to have Jessie from China as one of our friendship students for the 3rd year. It was very special to have her mother and father in our home when they came to visit Topeka. Who knows, maybe someday we will have the opportunity to visit them in China!
— JT & Susan
We love being a friendship family! One of our goals when we meet our friendship students at the beginning of the school year is to be their family away from family and their home away from home. They are instant sons and daughters—not guests. So they are encouraged to join us in whatever we are doing: yard work, going to the theater and eating dinner out. Our time together increases their comfort level and we gain the added benefit of friendships which continue even when miles separate us and an ever-growing appreciation for other cultures.
— Bob & Joan